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natalie ronda masseuse malaga


Welcome to my space

Let me tell you how my life experience was the great teacher of my awakening.

Although my spirituality was integrated into my professional career just 8 years ago, my journey began at birth. Everything that my spirituality would recognize in my consciousness was represented during the intense journey of life without the sense of why it happened.

From an early age I developed a high energetic sensitivity that allowed me to recognize my psychic qualities as a clairvoyant, telepathic and currently channeling. These capacities would guide my knowledge towards the development of human existence and the functioning of thoughts. My personal evolution through metaphysics, meditation, neuro-emotion, mentalism and observation of events; It has allowed me to enter the depth of the spiritual coach, from which help to rebuild the being of all those people who enter my life.

  • Life coach certified
  • KAP facilitator
  • Spiritual teacher
  • Adapted meditation instructor
  • Energetic healer
  • Psychic reading

During my journey as a holistic therapist, began to open responses from my inner to outside; shaping my world with what did vibrate and resonate with me. Then came my great moment of Opening of Consciousness; the broader meaning of my existence through the recognition of realizing who I really felt to be.

Every discipline, I have experienced, has been an acknowledgment of a part of me that seemed to have been asleep. The ancestral knowledge of each one of them has been opened up in me.

When I stop clinging to what I am, I open myself to what could be

-Lao Tse

A conscious path is a full life.

The power to remove my filters, live a fully aware life, from who I am,; has allowed me to help more and more people to overcome, heal, transmute and learn to manage their lives.

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