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energy healing

Energy healing is a therapy with which we can quickly and effectively transform our lives thanks to the unlocking and amplification of our vital energy channel thanks to the therapist. 

My healings are aimed at restoring the blockages that prevent feeling love again, that is why I created Energy Healing to restore love, aimed at people who have stopped feeling, and are at a point of acute existential emptiness.

In the Energetic Healing Therapy Opens Paths, I focus the irradiation of energy on the absolute opening of the paths in the person. It is a complex session, as in this case there is not only one crash, but several major crashes that have completely clogged the channel.

In Family Energy Healing therapies, it is intended for all members of the same family, whose relationships have been blocked by external factors.

In all of them, my job is to identify, restore and amplify the energy through my knowledge in quantum metaphysics,  kabbalah and sacred Geometry. 


Energy Healing To Love

Energy Healing Opens Paths

Family Energy Healing 

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