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Subconscious Programming to Make More Money. The power of mind

como atraer dinero
Subconscious Programming to Make More Money. The power of mind

This exercise is made up of three parts, this is the first. You can do it yourself, or if you need a guide, contact me.

Part One: What I think about money

Much has been written about the wonderful law of attraction and its power to give a radical change to our lives, achieve everything we want and materialize what we have projected into the universe.
But if you are here, it is precisely because your requests to the universe after many attempts have not yet borne fruit. And it is that what they do not tell us in the process of manifestation, is what must happen in us to be in correct synchrony with the vibration of the universal consciousness.
If we focus on money, wealth and prosperity it is a challenge for many, for most an impossibility; believe that a law intangible to our senses, which acts in the etheric field can be the creator of tangible goods such as money or others. But there is a minority that put this law into practice, and I can attest that everything they projected was subsequently manifested.


My learning

Over the years, I was able to achieve what for me was the enlightenment of the law of attraction and all of its real benefits. I knew then that this law is the almost final step in the process of materializing thoughts; that prior to this step a mental-emotional process was initiated whose root was born in my most unconscious mind. This part of me, where I housed each original thought with its corresponding distorted emotion, was my great work. Getting to these millions of thoughts allowed me to really know what vibrational frequency I was in when it came to money.

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How is our relation with money?

This part is very important, and I will repeat it to you throughout the exercise. We are going to understand it through Ana’s experience.

Ana is 33 years old, she wants to win the lottery, and in her mind she truly thinks that she is a lucky woman, that she carries many tickets, that the money is for everyone equally, that she only needs a number to win. Ana really has very positive thoughts about the lottery, the money and her power to attract the jackpot this time.
But sadly Ana doesn’t get it, not even her numbers have come out. So what has happened? Her thoughts were very positive, because her law of attraction did not choose her. Perhaps the law of attraction is selective.

Ok, so let’s dig deeper.

Today Ana has good thoughts about money and the lottery, but she really feels Ana about money. This time I am not talking about thinking but about feeling, what emotions money generates in us.
Since for years we generate very contradictory emotions: having it gives us joy, security and calm, but its absence generates concern, frustration, pessimism. So when we have it at the end we are so attached not to feel the negative emotions that its absence produces, that we begin to generate fears; fear of losing it, fear of investing it badly, fear of having less. We stop experiencing ourselves, to live in the mental reality of what would happen to us if some fear manifests itself. We can say that these fears are shaping your experiences with money, in the end a toxic relationship is generated, in which you generate a total dependence on it to guarantee your existence, your calm, your security, but between those limits that mark your fears, what you really feel about what you are doing and what you are depriving yourself of does not enter.

We materialize this relationship of dependency in all our areas of life: we work long hours to get money, we deprive ourselves of spending to save money, we make decisions about what we want to experience according to money, we mark the value of our time for money, we are able of increasing the resistance of our physical and mental abilities for money. In none of these situations do we put the focus on ourselves, we are not the end for which we act, but the means.


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All this is what has happened in Ana’s life before reaching the time of the lottery.

When we want the lottery to come to us, the associated thought is to feel free from the chains that we have created around money. Having so much, that it won’t be necessary to think about him anymore as we did before. But who can assure you that this will happen this way, because what Ana hasn’t asked herself is if, having so much money, she will now start to think more about how to keep it and not lose it, where to invest it that is profitable, if I will have enough for everything life. Millions of new thoughts associated with your eternal relationship with him may arrive, but remember that it is not the thought but the emotion that we have associated.

These thoughts will continue to sustain the emotion of dependency. For this reason, even having excess of it, it will continue to be attached so much as not to know how to live without it. In the end Ana despite winning the lottery, she will continue to seek freedom from this relationship.

and all of them will vibrate in the same emotion in which Ana vibrated before wishing for the lottery: feeling absolute dependence on money.
This is where the best part of our materialization process comes:

If Ana wants to feel economic freedom with the lottery, it is because she feels totally dependent on her economy to experience herself free in her physical world. Her thought is freedom, but her emotion is dependence on money. So that she receives the universal law; the dependence. And that will be the one that continues to offer her, more economic dependence until she learns to let go of the need.

So what would Ana have to do to feel and think on the same frequency, and in this way project the law of attraction. This is where today’s exercise begins.

Thought origin of money
Know your relation with money

What happens to Ana is that her original thinking about how the relationship with money should be was distorted by a traumatic experience in which the result was to understand that without it basically she could not exist. Getting to the thought of her source of it, releasing it, transmuting it is the first step to our law of attraction process. Change what we truly feel from our unconsciousness.

You will have been able to verify that there are people whose relationship with money is totally indifferent, who have a good economy, who are even very lucky and attract a lot of money into their lives. What differentiates them from you, that they knew how to get to the original thought of it and focus it from where they really wanted to feel it.
Then I work the miracle of materialization, but basically it was the person’s ability to understand that the change they want to experience is their responsibility, and that it comes from within.

Here comes the practical exercise focused on attracting money into your life, it is about you and money, remember that we are going to find that mind-body-soul align to be in the correct vibration. For this reason, you must be sincere in your answers, responding from the one you truly feel, not from the one you think. To manifest we need to feel it previously, if we only stay in the idea we are not opening our emotional field; and the law attracts what you really feel, not what you think.

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